Tended News

Photo Uploads Expanded

Associate with individual spaces, growing areas, plantings, actions, or harvests

May 5, 2016

A couple of weeks ago we released a new feature for accounts to have profile images. Today, we're announcing a big expansion of photo uploads: now you can associate photos with particular spaces that you have in your Tended account, or even get as detailed as associating photos with particular growing areas, plantings, actions, and harvests. We're excited to see what everyone's gardens look like throughout the year:

  • take pictures of your spaces' evolution as everything flourishes
  • visualize the individual growth of plantings over time
  • record any observations of disease, pest damage, etc.
  • display your harvest bounty!

Wherever you see the following icon, you can either click it or drag-and-drop images onto it:

You're able to upload photos in the following locations:

  • growing areas' detail view (example location) - photos uploaded here are associated with the relevant growing area and its space
  • plantings' detail view (example location) - photos uploaded here are associated with the relevant planting and its space
  • actions' detail view (example location) - photos uploaded here are associated with the relevant action and its space
  • harvests' detail view (example location) - photos uploaded here are associated with the relevant harvest and its space
  • spaces' map landing page (example location) - photos uploaded here are associated with the relevant space; any photos associated with the space's growing areas, plantings, actions, and harvests also feed into this location's photo stream
  • account profile page (example location) - together with the ability to upload additional photos to your profile page, you'll see a stream of any account photos you've uploaded from the other locations as well; they all feed here

Keep an eye out for further development of the photo feature coming soon!

New Feature: Calendar View with Tasks

View one-off tasks alongside plantings, actions, and harvests in calendar

April 25, 2016

We're excited to introduce a new calendar view to accounts, giving you an easy way to see what's going on in your garden across time. At a glance, you'll be able to see what days have completed and uncompleted events. Events may be made up of:

  • plantings
  • actions
  • harvests
  • and a new event type, tasks.

Tasks are one-off to-do items that are differentiated from actions in that they're not quantifiable; whereas you'd probably want to track something like adding compost via an action so that you can record the quantity of compost you applied to your garden, something like 'buy compost' may make sense as just a calendar task. Besides being unquantifiable, tasks are not associated with particular plantings or growing areas. To create a task, just click on the plus symbol within the appropriate calendar date. Once you've created a task, you can edit its details via the Advanced button on the right-hand side, or drag-and-drop the entire task (when in non-edit mode) onto a different calendar date to reschedule it.

For a given day, uncompleted events are shown in red (e.g. 1 means there's 1 uncompleted event for the day) and completed events are in green (e.g. 2 means there's 2 completed events). You can view a particular day's details by clicking on its cell within the calendar; the day opens to reveal the various events. If you need to mark an event as completed, just click the checkbox next to the event.

While Tended's mapping component allows you to view your garden at different times via its datepicker tool, the new calendar allows you to access events across time more speedily and provides an easier way to get a sense of garden to-dos.