About Tended

Tended was born of the desire to have a one-stop solution for designing a garden, tracking its progress and harvests, and everything in between. Tended is web-based, so it works on your desktop, your tablet, and your phone. We launched in early 2016 and have been continually adding new features and improving existing ones since.

We have exciting plans ahead for Tended and gladly invite you to join our community as we continue to grow.

Here's some things you'll love about Tended:

Visually design your garden

Map Demo

Tended's mapping feature lets you define and design the distinct spaces that you grow your plants in (e.g. a greenhouse, a backyard garden). The end result is a visual representation that you can quickly use to reference or interact with to record activities and harvests. Tended has a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that you can use; if we don't have it, you can define custom plants or varieties as well.

Track your gardening activities

Action Demo

Using Tended actions, you can document the daily goings-on of your garden, whether it's watering, adding compost, letting your chickens scratch around, whatever. You can even quantify any resources that are used in the process. Later you can look back and reference how different garden beds and/or plantings have been affected by those actions.

Record your harvests

Harvest Demo

Tended lets you quantify your harvests the way you want, and even allows tracking by particular plantings, so you can later see whether one segment of your plantings performs better than another. Through Tended's reports, easily see how last year's harvest compares to this year's.

Manage tasks with our Calendar view

Calendar Demo

Whereas Tended's mapping feature shows your garden at a single day's snapshot in time, the Calendar view lets you quickly get a broader view of the month's goings-on. Besides allowing you to see the various plantings starting, the actions performed, and the harvests of the month, you can also use tasks to identify one-off things that you'd like to remind yourself about.

Get Reminders via Email

In case you're like most people and forget things from time to time, Tended sends you an email at the beginning of each week summarizing the plantings you scheduled to start, which activities and tasks you planned to do, and which harvests you have lined up. It's an easy way to get a sense of your week at a glance.

Keep a Journal

Journal Demo

Keep a log of your garden with journal entries and upload photos along with them, to capture those things that are best left to prose instead of more structured data like Tended's plantings, actions, harvests, etc. Help yourself (and others!) learn from this gardening year by writing things down as they come about:

  • summarize the process you used to start your seedlings, and whether you'd like to try anything different next year
  • document how your transplants take to the soil, and whether there's any additional protection or amendments you'd want to keep in mind next time
  • make note of pesky weeds or bugs and how you manage them
  • anything else you learn about or realize in your gardening!

Upload your photos

Photo Gallery Demo

Easily associate photos you upload with particular growing areas/beds, plantings, actions, harvests, and journal entries. For example, upload photos at the different stages of a particular planting to reference in future years how big to expect it to be by a particular date; upload photos of diseases or pests afflicting your crops; or just show off your harvest bounty!

Learn from reports

Report Demo

After spending the time to track all the work you've put into your garden, graphs and reports will help you make sense of the data. Tended is in the beginning stages of providing this to its users, with the goal of showing how overall production compares year to year, how production of particular plant types compare year to year, what your most busy times of the year are, and more. Stay tuned!


Social Demo

One of the driving forces behind Tended is the sharing of gardening know-how and data on what people are able to grow where. As a result, Tended lets you see others' gardens on the site in order to see what's working for them. Stay tuned for more ways to connect with others as well.