Design your garden, track your activities and harvests, and much more

Works on multiple platforms: desktop, tablet, phone

What People Are Saying

I love Tended, thank you. I am a beginning home gardener and the mapping and calendar tools are perfect. I especially love the reminder emails with my calendared events.

Julien G.

I'm loving this app. It is so easy to use, very useful, and is saving me time. I've done this by hand on graph paper at previous homes for years!

Amber C.

I just started using the app, and I love it! Very user friendly... I especially love the journaling aspect and being able to add photos - I think that will prove very helpful in future years.

Danielle P.

Visually design your garden

Add garden beds and your fruits, vegetables, and herbs visually, to get a useful representation of your garden at any point in time (helpful with crop rotation!).

Track your gardening activities

Enter records of watering, amending, letting your chickens roam the garden beds, whatever you like.

Record your harvests

No more guessing at how this year's harvest compares to previous years'.

Manage garden tasks with our calendar

See what things are completed or uncompleted with our calendar view. Add tasks for garden chores!

Get reminders via email

Get a weekly email of your schedule, so that you don't have to worry about forgetting your to-do's within Tended.

Keep a garden journal

Write down in greater depth what you're working on in your garden and why, and anything you're learning in the process. Include photos too!

Upload photos

Keep photo documentation of your entire garden throughout the year: your baby seedlings, pests you come across, activities you're doing in the garden, your harvest bounty!

Learn from reports

Interact with various reports to help make sense of all the data you've entered throughout the year.


Share your garden with others on Tended and elsewhere, and view other users' gardens to see how they do things.

Metric or Standard Measurements

Whether you'd like to use the metric system or the standard system for your garden, we've got you covered.

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